Sunday, February 03, 2013

Split screen

Split screen? No, I have not bought a VW Camper or early Morris Minor!

I am tempting fate and getting ready for returning to driving (application off to the DVLA today) which means looking at the car I am going to be using first.

I have been starting and moving UNJ about over the last year as well as other jobs listed on here so it's pretty much OK for MOT on March 20th although I must get round to booking that.

What has happened whilst it's been in hibernation though is the rear screen in the hood has split away from the hood fabric. In fact, it's got worse which seems odd for a non moving car. My suspicion is next doors cat that likes sleeping on the hood and may well be getting off the hood by going down over the sloping rear screen. Not sure if it' weight would be enough but it can't be helping.

Anyway, in the attached photo the problem is obvious. The granules that are visible are supposed to keep cats away!

Even duct tape won't hold it together!

Now I am pondering what to do about it. I assume a trimmer will be able to repair it but where to start and what's the cost likely to be?

One thing for sure though is that the car can't be used in the rain with it like this.

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