Saturday, January 19, 2013

Those moments

Those moments like
  1. Why am I doing this and
  2. You know that's not bad at all!
The first one came to me when I was lying on a cold concrete floor with my hair in the dust whilst fighting propshaft nuts and bolts on the 2000. Not one of the greatest times in my life but satisfying when it's finally done.

Then removal of the speedo cable, wiring to the reverse switch and overdrive. Just about to get the front wheels off when it was time to call it a day.

Here is PMW ready for the engine and gearbox to be dropped out next week if all goes well. At that point it will be possible to start swapping the rebuilt engine over before it all goes back in.

Off side boot floor - solid by the looks of it
Then there's moment 2 - "You know that's not bad at all!

For the first time since collection I had a look at my Rover and, yes, it's not bad at all. I reckon if I had hundreds of hours and thousands of £ it would be a very good car indeed. As I don't have either it will still be another good solid addition to the fleet.

Here's a few photos with captions
Nearside boot floor - not bad at all

Interior in the front - wood and leather - nice!


The view from the captain's chair of the Starship Enterprise!

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