Saturday, July 03, 2010

Progress on PMW

Bryce and I have had a good day on the 2000 having got really stuck in.

The 220 turbo seats are in after Bryce made some alloy brackets which have worked out really well.

All the metalwork is now done too. There is no intention of restoring the car to showroom condition or anything like it - just solid and presentable providing the car is structurally sound.

So, both front wings now have metal repairs where they join the front panel/valence under the bumper, the offside wing has a metal repair to the wheelarch and we (Bryce actually) have also repaired a rear coil spring mounting.

Next will be some filling and painting with (lookaway now purists) a rattle can or two to make it look presentable and cover any other bare metal as there are quite a few scrapes on the car. Paint is for protection here, not for show. The car is in incredibly good condition though and I am very pleased with how sound it is.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures from today but I'll try and put that right next week.

I'll need to replace 2 track rod ends and a steering rack boot followed by completing a service and getting an MOT as soon asw e can so that Bryce can get some miles on it before we head off for the Alps in 6 weels time (gulp).

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