Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another go

Slowly progressing on the cam timing front.

Kevin came along again this morning and first we secured the camshaft sprocket to the camshaft with 2 new longer cap head bolts as only one of the originals was long enough to bite! So that was one bit of security dealt with.

Then I reset the pointer with a longer bit of wire and we rotated the engine a few times manually and did a few checks. Yes, the protractor was moving - goodness knows how but it was.

So, off it came and we cut a larger hole in the centre and glued it to the crankshaft pulley so there was no chance it could move with the pulley bolt.

At last we were able to get some consistent results so that we then adjusted to cam timing to 108 degrees after top dead centre which is where it should be (about!).

Having done this it seems the cam is a 275 degree duration which is very unusual, certainly i can't find a Triumphtune or a Piper cam of this duration and the calculated max lift should be at 112 degrees, not the 108 we have set it at.

Hmmm - I think this could be where we put it all back together and see how the car runs!

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