Saturday, April 12, 2008

Toledo passes MOT!

Yes, it was a shock as I expected it to fail. The only question in my mind was by how much the car would fail as I hadn't found the time to put much into it.

I'll still have to resolve the exhaust issue and I would like to give it another service plus there's an "advisory" regarding a dust cover missing but all in all the little car has done me proud.

So much so that I will give it a reprieve - I had decided to sell it as I can't afford to keep 2 cars running on my hobby budget but the little car deserves better so unless someone I trust to take proper care of it wants to buy it, GLF is staying with me.

Another amazing thing happed as well, my wife drove it to the MOT station (and back!) and didn't complain too much - apart from the brakes being very different to a modern car.

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